The final version of WinRAR 5.40 is here and ready for download!


The latest version brings enhancements of usability and compatibility as well as many technical improvements.

The highlights of WinRAR 5.40 are:

  •  The “Name encoding” submenu in “Options” menu allows to select encoding for archived file names. This selection affects archive browsing and extraction commands. You can use the Ctrl+E shortcut to access this menu quickly. It can be useful when unpacking an archive without Unicode file names, for example, unpacking a zip file with Chinese archived names in Windows, with Russian specified as a language for non-Unicode programs.
  •  Usability Enhancements
    You can now drag folders from the folder tree panel and drop them to other programs or Desktop to copy or unpack them. You can also drag the archive icon in the tree panel root to unpack the entire archive.
  •  SFX Feature
    The maximum comment length for RAR archives has been increased from 64 to 256 KB. Since SFX script commands are stored in archive comment, it now allows a longer main and license text in an SFX archive.
  •  Recovery Record
    If an archive has a Recovery Record, it can be repaired even after having been damaged due to a defect on a disc or other data loss. The ZIP format does not support Recovery Records. Now, with WinRAR 5.40, Recovery Records (.rev files) are in the same folder as usual RAR volumes and archive test command verifies .rev contents after completing the test .rar files.
  •  Synchronization Feature
    Previously “Synchronize archive contents” update mode (-as command line switch) aborted if some of the archiving folders could not be read. Now WinRAR continues performing the operation and preserves archived files matching unreadable folders.
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