WinRAR:Powerful compression tool

WinRAR is a powerful compressed package manager. Untill now, it is still very popular and useful. It presents its RAR file’s graphic interface in Windows environment.

WinRAR has quite high compression rate. In the DOS era, WinRAR was equipped with this advantage. Many tests proved that WinRAR’s RAR format is higher about 10% ~ 30% than other general ZIP format in compression ratio. Especially it also provide alternative and multimedia compression algorithm.

WinRAR compresses WAV, BMP file and image files more efficient by using the unique multimedia compression algorithm. Although we can transform WAV, BMP file into MP3, JPG formats to save the storage space. It is most important that WinRAR compression is a standard undamaged compression tool.

WinRAR has good repair skills for the damaged compressed files. The download files, like ZIP, RAR files always appear some damaged problems. So the files cannot open. If you involve WinRAR in your computer, you just need to click “restore” that it can be easily repaired. Also the restoration rate is extremely high.

WinRAR occupies less resource. Also its fixed compression, multimedia compression is most of the compressed tools doesn’t have.

All computer users know that WinRAR is a compression and decompression software tools. In fact, WinRAR has other some good usages such as check hidden files and Trojans.

All in all, no one can match WinRAR so far as file transmission is concerned, because WinRAR can provide efficient and safe way for it . WinRAR can reduce transmission time of e-mails, or accelerate the speed of compression and decompression of your files to save disk space. Thus, all of these advantages of WinRAR make us use our computer better.

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