How to Speed Up Extracting by using Winrar

The most popular way of extracting the rar file is: double click the rar file and click the button that says “extract to” in Winrar, then click “OK”. So the rar file will be extracted to a folder group with this name already exists. If the rar file is bigger, you only wait for moments. Although you can select the working mode of “background”, the Winrar is still working.
Opening the Winrar and clicking “option→settings”, then selecting “path”, can you see “folder for temporary files” in the top which wastes extracting time? Because when Winrar begins extracting, it will put the extracted files in this temporary file that is “ C : \DOCUME~1\mxd\LOCALS~1\Temp\ ”(Different PC have different paths). After Winrar finishes extracting, it will cut the extracted files to target file that is selected (In general the target file and the rar file are under the same disk). Because in general the rar file is not in the system disk C: in which the temporary file by default is, you can let Winrar extract files directly to the root of the drive in which the rar file is. As a result, the extracting speed is up. The way is very simple: use “ \ ”(without quotes) to replace “ C : \DOCUME~1\mxd\LOCALS~1\Temp\ ” and click “OK”. When you extract bigger rar file again, you will feel the speed is obviously up.

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One Response to “How to Speed Up Extracting by using Winrar”

  1. Ambriel says:

    I can hardly leave WinRAR because its multi-volume archive.Moreover,all picture viewers cannot directly read solid archives like *.7z,so I can only archive my CGs and artbooks into rar files.