Clean up the desktop skillfully by WinRAR

Desktop will add many kinds of interlinkage inevitably in the process of using Windows, sometims,we put one file or folder on the desktop directly in order to convenience. Desktop will make our eyes in a dazzle for a long time. How to clear up the “junk”? Manual delete is not a good idea, besides, it is not a little workload every time. Actually,it can take a “desktop cleaning machine” by means of WinRAR.

First, it is necessary to define the saving desktop logo. Then making a WinRAR file list after make sure well. We would assume that it is using Windows XP operating system, system catalog C: \ Windows, the current user is USER01. Except for “My Computer” “Network Neighborhood” such kinds of logo,other subsequent logo added in the position of “C: \ Documents and Settings \ USER \ desktop”folder. We just need write the saving logo and the documents to file list, for example´╝Ü
C:\Documents and settings\USER\ desktop \qq.lnk
C:\Documents and settings\USER\ desktop \netants.lnk
C:\Documents and settings\USER\ desktop \foxmail.lnk
C:\Documents and settings\USER\ desktop \darling.jpg
C:\Documents and settings\USER\ desktop \work
Saving the documents as d:\cleandesk\list.txt file (or other file) after complete input.

Then right-click the folder in D: \ cleandesk , choose “new – shortcut “, under “please type the project location”the input box input:”C: \ \ \ winrar \ winrar files -.exe” a – x.. @ d: \ cleandesk \ list. TXT – df – r d: \ cleandesk \ being. Rar “c: \ Documents and Settings \ USER\ desktop \ *. *”, and make shortcut named “clean desktop”

Above order meaning is: compressing all desktop folders to desk.rar except the content listed in the tabulate, and delete the original documents after compressed. The relevant parameters specific meaning you can reference WinRAR help

Now, double click “clean desktop ” link. and soon you will find that, other logo was cleaned automatically by WinRAR except the items listed in the tabulate and the logo given by system. If you find the necessary logo was also cleaned away after complete clean , it doesn’t matter, you can open j rar compressed package, deleted desktop documents were hiding here!

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  1. Sylor says:

    Supports all the useful compression formats and all the multipart files you get from torrents.

    It just needs an icon which can go to 256×256 pixels.