Batch Create Folders by using WinRAR

When you want to create a lot of the same folder structure frequently (such as backup data), you can use WinRAR to help you finish the repetitive work. Then how to get it?

Firstly, you should create multiple folder structure in the “Explorer” (includes sub-folders under it).

Then select and right-click these folders, and on the shortcut menu, select “WinRAR” submenu and choose “Add to Archive” under it. In the dialog window that appears, check the “Compression Options” ribbon and tick the checkbox “Create a Self-extracting File” and then click “OK” button.

Thirdly, rename the generating EXE files as folders.exe. When you want to create above folders in any other folder, you just need to copy this file to that folder and double-click folders.exe and click “Install”.

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One Response to “Batch Create Folders by using WinRAR”

  1. WinRAR says:

    Certainly that Winrar is an awesome program. With this application you can very easily create archives and zip and kind or archived folders.